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Black Ginseng Danurim
Black Ginseng is : 
Black ginseng refers to a black-colored ginseng that is steamed and dried nine times. Black ginseng has more active Saponins than red ginseng, red ginseng has more of them than fresh ginseng, and that is because ginseng generates new bio active components during the steaming and drying process becoming black ginseng. Black ginseng is an excellent health food to be enjoyable by men and women of all ages for physical strength.

High quality black ginseng is :

  • It doesn't burn at high temperature in its manufacturing process.
  • Black ginseng juice should not be lost.
  • It should have fine roots.
  • It should be made by high quality fresh ginseng.

Advantage of Black Ginseng

Natural fermentation
It has a good digestion-absorption rate.
In the manufacturing process of black ginseng, starch granules in ginseng converts from sol to gel, so black ginseng has a good digestion-absorption rate in the body.

High saponin content
Saponin in ginseng is called "Ginsenoside" which activates pharmacological activity. Black ginseng has contained high amount of crude saponin than that of fresh ginseng and red ginseng(it contains more than 10 times of higher amount of Rg3 than red ginseng). Net-type of tissues, in which plenty of crude ingredients are preserved, exist under the bark of ginseng. We have processed ginseng without peeling the bark, so this product has contained high amount of crude ingredients.

A long period of time
Black ginseng can be stored for a long period of time.
Through the steaming process of black ginseng, various enzymes are inactivated, so the quality is excellent without any changes in its ingredients. In 9 repetitive steaming and drying process, crude ingredient of "Ginsenoside" is increasing in black ginseng. Particularly, it has plenty of Rh2, Rg2, Rg3 which doesn't exist in fresh ginseng.
The study revealed that black ginseng has more than 7 times of higher amount of Rh1, Rg1, Rg2, Rg3 than that of red ginseng.

Black ginseng! DANURIM makes difference."
  • Black ginseng essences should not be lost.
  • Black ginseng that doesn't burn.
  • Differentiated technology.
  • Black ginseng to be brewed directly.
  • Black ginseng essences should not be lost
  • We have prevented black ginseng essences from being discharged through 9 cycles steaming and drying process.

Black ginseng that doesn't burn
Benzophyrene(carbon, carcinogen) may be produced in 9 repetitive steaming and drying process, however, we finally succeeded in developing black ginseng that doesn't burn based on our exclusive manufacturing technology integrated to the latest technical skills.
This processing method is a specially patented technology of DANURIM.
(Registration of patent on August 2013, on the processing of black ginseng that can be brewed).

Differentiated technology
Unlike the conventional method of decoction, DANURIM has retained the patented technology of extracting black ginseng, without using any extractor, by pouring hot water. This method is an exclusive technology of secondary processing retained by DANURIM.

Black ginseng to be brewed directly
Based on the technology of DANURIM, you can brew black ginseng directly at home(you can rule out the possibility that crude saponin may be destroyed in the process of boiling it down).

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