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Thicky Brewed Black Ginseng
(5g x15bags)

Thickly brewed black ginseng differs from the previous ginseng products heated up with an extracting device.
It is a strong, thickly brewed black ginseng you can take with just water without any extracting device.
Saponin destruction is minimized in ginseng, which is vulnerable to heat, thus maximizing its efficacy.
Danurim black ginseng is steamed and dried nine times, and thus contains a high amount of various kinds of
valid saponin


  • Black ginseng, after being steamed and dried nine times, is processed, and its roots and body are sliced.
  • Sliced black ginseng is reborn as a quick, strong black ginseng mix through Danurim’s very own technology. (post-processing). (No coloring, no additives, no congener)
  • Packaged in small, portable amounts. It mixes well in cold water and is thus convenient to take. (Minimizes saponin destruction.) You can take the product as long as you have water and a cup. No additional extracting device is necessary.
  • You can adjust the consistency to suit your taste.

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