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Chunsunurim Restorative Medicine has the same substances and efficacy as traditional Restorative Herb Medicine, which is known for its long history and origins. Properly made Restorative Herb Medicine is now available as a 100% pure pill without any additives (glycerin, rice glue, starch powder, etc.).


  • All ingredients are 100% Korean (ginseng, Crudus, Poria cocos.(natural), honey).
  • For properly matured fermentation, we use Crudus instead of Rehmannia glutinosa.
  • Disposable packaging makes it portable, it and can be taken in convenient pill form.
  • Our own R&D owns the patent for the hyperpure Restorative medicine production method.
  • The only difference between the luxury type and this product is the packaging. You can enjoy our product for a less expensive price.

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