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Concentrated liquid Black Ginseng
70 ml x 30Pack

How to intake : Please intake 1~2 time per day, before breakfast and bedtime. 15Years old or less : Half intake  

Ingredients : Black ginseng powder extract(Solid 3.7% or more, Korean) 84% Black ginseng root 100%)

Boost your ability to concentrate and strengthen your immune system Our black ginseng liquid can help you master the stresses of everyday life more easily through the balancing and strengthening power of ginsenosides.
We only use gently-processed high-quality Korean ginseng that has been allowed to grow for six years in our Black Ginseng Liquid. The liquid is free of any additives and with its optimal concentration of active ingredients is particularly suitable for long-term use.
(Ginsenoside RG3,RH1,RH2(which is Saponin proven has anti-cancer ingredient) is made and this is 100~9,000 times higher level than normal Red )

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