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Concentrated Liquid Red Ginseng (70ml x 30 bags)

Red Ginseng is strong and condensed red ginseng liquid that satisfies the daily need for red ginseng’s nutrients
with just one pouch a day.

   - Made with 100% Korean 5-year-old red ginseng
   - Contains a rich amount of high quality red ginseng, giving it a very strong flavor and scent. 
     (2~3 times more red ginseng than existing products)
   - Danurim red ginseng is steamed and dried fresh 3~4 times, and thus contains a high amount of valid 
     substances. (Other red ginseng products are only steamed and dried 1~2 times.)
   - Brewed at a low temperature for 24 hours. (Brewing longer than 24 hours destroys valid saponin.)
   - Spout packaging makes it portable and convenient to take.

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