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Black ginseng tea
(pure from ginseng root)
(4gx 10 bags)

Product Description : Black Ginseng Tea total infusion
Manufacturer : DANURIM Co., Ltd. in Korea
Quality Assurance.
 ― Ingredients have passed through a strict inspection.
 ― Defective product can be returned or exchanged at the place of purchase according to the consumers injury compensation rule.
 ― This product is made from domestic raw materials which have passed through a strict control of quality.
Manufacturer : DANURIM Co., Ltd. in Korea
Salesperson : DANURIM Co., Ltd. in Korea
Warranty period : 24 months from date of manufacture.
Consumer consulting center : +82―42―4873287
Factory : 28―2, Ojeong―ro 9beon―gil, Daedeok―gu, Daejeon

* Black Ginseng
Black ginseng refers to a black―colored ginseng that is steamed and dried nine times. Black ginseng has more active Saponins than red ginseng, red ginseng has more of them than fresh ginseng, and that is because ginseng generates new bio active components during the steaming and drying process becoming black ginseng.
Black ginseng is an excellent health food to be enjoyable by men and women of all ages for physical strength.
* Black Ginseng Tea total infusion
Tea―bag type of black ginseng tea is made from 100% black ginseng without using any additive.
* Features of the product
It can be decocted easily, without restriction of time and place.
There are no additives other than black ginseng.
Depending on the intended use, you can feel free to drink and concentration control.
Absorption rate is very high in the body because black ginseng has been produced by natural aging process.
* Method of intake((Black Ginseng Tea total infusion)
Pour 200ml of hot water at 85―90℃ and dip 1 tea bag / 1 pack.
Strong tea : Drink 3―15 minutes later.
Light tea : Drink 2―3 minutes later.

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by shinto george Date Added: Friday 28 December, 2018
Very good one enjoy well.This tea is very well surprised .I want this item more.
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